Tattoo artist

Tattoo artist

A tattoo artist is a specialist in applying artistic tattoos. By the way, recently the ProfGuide career guidance center has developed a precise career orientation test, which will tell you which professions are suitable for you, provide a conclusion about your personality type and intelligence.


According to one version, the word comes from the Tahitian tatau - drawing. In Europe, the word appeared after Captain Cook's voyage to Tahiti.

Job description

A tattoo is a permanent drawing on the skin.

It`s artistic tattoo specialists who are usually referred to as tattoo masters. Although, a tattoo artist can perform both an artistic tattoo and a felony tattoo, which can also be quite elaborate. They differ from each other only in their meaning and aesthetics, and in the fact that felony tattoos are typically applied in prisons, with tools (often homemade) available to the prison artisans.

In the past, tattoos were endowed with magical properties, signifying the status of the wearer, affiliation to a certain tribe or class. Today it often indicates membership in a particular subculture (Gothic, rocker, criminal, etc.).

Artistic tattoos can be color, monochrome or even white. They can be ethnic and fantasy, depict animals and mystical signs, contain portraits of people and philosophical statements. They can humbly hide in the armpit or blaze all over the cheek. They can beautify and they can uglify.

The result of the application depends on the will of the customer and the skill of the master.

The plot for the tattoo can be developed by the master: first they create a drawing on paper, then transfer it to the skin. Also, a sample from a special catalog of tattoos may be taken.

Ideas and themes for tattoos are frequently suggested by clients. For example, a person can come to a tattoo parlor and ask for a portrait of his dog or a heart-decorated name of his beloved girl to be put on his shoulder. Perhaps after a year he will fall in love with another and want to get rid of the picture. Then the master will have to choose a tattoo to overlap the old one.

Tattoo artists tend to have tattoos of their own. And they generally give the impression of being free-spirited and unconventional.

The tattoo is applied with a special machine with a needle that pierces the skin, leaving dye in the punctures. Needless to say that this tool must be sterile, the cleanest gloves must be worn by the master. The perfect cleanliness must also prevail in the master's workplace.

The work of a tattoo artist is in some ways similar to that of a doctor, not only because they are in very close contact with the other person's body. But also because tattoos help to solve some problems. Sometimes aesthetic (hiding pigment spots, skin imperfections), but mostly - psychological.

A tattoo artist can also be compared to a tailor, because a person covered head-to-toe in tattoos looks dressed up even on the beach. Is that good or bad?

Some will exclaim, "Oh, that's awful!” Another will ask: "What master did you get this pretty thing from?"

Tattoo technology can be used not only for pictures, but also for permanent make-up (tattooing): to mark the contours of the lips, put eyeliner on the eyelids, etc. It is applied in permanent make-up salons and is a different speciality.

Work place

Tattoo artists work in tattoo parlors.

Important qualities

The profession of a tattoo artist requires drawing skills, creativity, strong fine motor skills, straight eye and good color perception.

Bad eyesight, locomotor system problems, poor movement coordination, infectious diseases are contraindications to the profession

Knowledge and skills

The tattoo master must know and observe the rules of sanitary safety, and disinfect their tools. They should be able to draw, use a tattoo machine, know the technology of drawing on the skin, as well as the properties of tattoo dyes.

The master needs to be able not only to think up, but also artistically develop subjects for tattooing. A professional tattoo artist definitely needs to follow new tendencies in the art of tattooing, to master new technologies.

Where to train as a tattoo master

You can become a tattoo master by completing an art tattoo course.

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