Swift Developer

Author: Artem Orlov
Swift Developer

If you're passionate about programming and app development, the Swift developer profession is a lucrative and rewarding field to explore. Swift developers create, maintain, and enhance applications primarily for Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Swift is a powerful, easy-to-learn programming language developed by Apple in 2014, and it quickly became the go-to language for developers in the Apple ecosystem. By the way, recently the ProfGuide career guidance center has developed a precise career orientation test, which will tell you which professions are suitable for you, provide a conclusion about your personality type and intelligence.



Swift developers can choose from several specializations, such as:

  1. iOS app development
  2. macOS app development
  3. tvOS app development
  4. watchOS app development
  5. SwiftUI and UIKit framework development
  6. Server-side Swift development

Tasks and Responsibilities

Some common tasks and responsibilities of Swift developers include:

  1. Designing and developing apps
  2. Debugging and resolving issues
  3. Collaborating with cross-functional teams
  4. Writing and maintaining code
  5. Testing and optimizing app performance
  6. Ensuring code quality and adherence to standards

Pros and Cons


  1. High demand and competitive salaries
  2. Opportunity to work in a cutting-edge field
  3. Ability to work on diverse projects
  4. A strong and supportive developer community


  1. Limited to Apple ecosystem
  2. Constant need to stay updated with new technologies and frameworks
  3. Potentially long hours and tight deadlines


The demand for Swift developers is high in countries with a strong technology sector, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. As the market for Apple devices continues to grow, the need for skilled Swift developers is expected to remain strong.

Salary Ranges

USA: $80,000 - $130,000

Canada: CAD 70,000 - CAD 120,000

United Kingdom: £40,000 - £80,000

Australia: AUD 75,000 - AUD 130,000

Where do Swift Developers work? 

Swift developers are essential to the development of applications for Apple devices. They work in various settings, including:

  1. Software development companies
  2. App development agencies
  3. Freelancing or remote work
  4. In-house development teams for large organizations
  5. Tech startups

Important Qualities of a Successful Swift Developer

To be a successful Swift developer, you should possess the following qualities:

  1. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  2. Good understanding of software development principles
  3. Proficiency in Swift and related frameworks
  4. Ability to work well in a team
  5. Attention to detail and a focus on code quality

Step-by-step Career Path

  1. Learn Swift programming and related frameworks
  2. Build a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills
  3. Gain experience through internships or freelance work
  4. Apply for entry-level Swift developer positions
  5. Continue learning and staying updated with new technologies
  6. Advance in your career through promotions or new job opportunities

How to Become a Swift Developer

In the United States, a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field is typically required to enter the profession. However, some developers enter the field with a different degree or through self-study and online courses. Higher education in Swift development is not mandatory, but it can provide a strong foundation and increase your chances of finding a job.

Where to Become a Swift Developer 

Here are five examples of institutions offering Swift development education or resources for each country:


  1. Stanford University - Developing iOS Apps with Swift
  2. Codecademy - Learn Swift
  3. Coursera - iOS App Development with Swift
  4. Udacity - Become an iOS Developer
  5. Ray Wenderlich - Swift Tutorials and Courses


  1. Seneca College - iOS App Development
  2. Lighthouse Labs - iOS Development Bootcamp
  3. BrainStation - iOS Development Course
  4. CodeCore - iOS Development Bootcamp
  5. Coursera - App Design and Development for iOS

United Kingdom:

  1. University of Birmingham - Mobile App Development
  2. The App Brewery - iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp
  3. Udemy - iOS 13 & Swift 5 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp
  4. Bournemouth University - Mobile App Development MSc
  5. OpenClassrooms - iOS Developer


  1. RMIT University - iOS App Development with Swift
  2. General Assembly - iOS Development Immersive
  3. Coder Academy - iOS App Development Bootcamp
  4. University of Sydney - iOS App Development with Swift
  5. Coursera - App Development with Swift

Can You Enter the Profession with a Different Degree?

Yes, you can enter the Swift development profession with a different degree or even without a formal degree. Many developers have transitioned into the field through self-study, online courses, and bootcamps. Demonstrating your skills through a strong portfolio and relevant work experience can help you land a job in this competitive field, regardless of your degree.

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