Veterinary medicine, work with animals-related professions

List of animal-related professions and their current salaries:

A bit about careers in veterinary medicine

If you're looking for a career and would like to work with animals, you should first decide what kind of professional activities you'd like to perform with them. You can treat, feed, breed, study, train, or use animals for rescue purposes. These actions correspond to professions such as veterinarian, zootechnician, canine specialist, and groomer. Let's say you've decided that you'd like to treat animals. Then the second question arises: which animals would you like to treat? This is a professionally important question because it determines your lifestyle. Say you want to treat large cattle. Then you'll have to live in the countryside, as the profession of large cattle veterinarian is practiced in agriculture. If you absolutely want to live in the city, then expect to primarily deal with dogs and cats. Not a big deal, right? But if you say: I want to give stylish haircuts to dogs - then the size of the town becomes an obstacle. In small towns, it's not customary to take dogs to a professional groomer - a canine hairdresser. When choosing an animal-related profession, ask yourself: do I love animals enough to deal with them daily and annually? The professions of veterinarian and zootechnician require both psychological endurance and physical strength in your hands and back. Zootechnicians and veterinarians often have to assist animals in giving birth, which is both hard and highly responsible. Zootechnicians take care of young animals from the first moment they're born. In modern agriculture, this is done in a civilized and professional manner, which means that zootechnicians are constantly learning and improving their professional qualifications. Highly skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians and zootechnicians are well-paid. Representatives of these professions are in demand all over the civilized world. The joy in these professions comes from the specialist's constant contact with living nature, the variety of actions, the obvious results of the professional's work, and their continuous professional development.