Pedagogy and psychology-related professions

List of educational and psychological professions with salary and description:

What are the professions in education and psychology?

The field of education encompasses various professions, such as preschool teacher, primary school teacher, subject-specific teacher in schools (math teacher, history teacher, physics teacher, chemistry teacher, art teacher, dance teacher, etc.), instructor in secondary educational institutions, and professor in higher education institutions. A prominent figure in education is the specialist in teaching or upbringing methods – the methodologist. Didactics, a subfield of education, provides precise technological schemes for presenting material. Special education stands out as a separate field, including oligophrenopedagogy, typhlopedagogy, surdopedagogy, and phonopedagogy. These educators work with children who have hearing, vision, intellectual, or voice impairments. The speech therapist profession is well-known. Speech therapists work in kindergartens, schools, and can even work with adults who want to, for example, get rid of an unwanted accent. Closely related to education are child psychology and educational psychology. Psychologists in these fields help educators teach and develop children, as well as understand and correct children's maladaptive behavior patterns. The speech therapist profession is a comprehensive one. Speech therapists work not only with speech disorders but also with problems related to a child's thinking, attention, and memory. A school psychologist is an essential participant in the educational process. A school psychologist is a versatile specialist, conducting not only diagnostics but also psychological correction for children on cognitive, emotional, and personal levels. They consult parents and teachers. Educational professions are fascinating, challenging, and require psychological resilience and good health from an individual.