Management-related professions

Here's a list of management professions with salary information and descriptions.

Types of Management Professions and Their Differences

Management is all about leading and directing. A manager is someone who manages a particular area of work, whether it's large or small, in manufacturing or science, in trade or the arts, in healthcare or education, in a government agency or a commercial company, in industry or agriculture. Management is both a process and a science. Managers are not only divided by their level of management, such as top-level managers - CEO, COO, CFO, CCO, Art Director, or middle-level managers, but also by the area in which they work: HR Manager, Logistics Manager, Import/Export Manager, Advertising Manager, PR Manager, Marketer, Brand Manager, BTL Manager, Sales Manager, Financial Manager, Procurement Manager, Supervisor, Sales Representative, Category Manager, Internet Project Manager, and many others. If a manager is tasked with leading a time-limited project, they are called a project manager. Among project managers, there are startup managers who launch a project and then hand it over to a manager who will lead the project throughout its duration. Crisis managers and interim managers are a special group. The latter saves a company or optimizes its activity. In the past, these people were top managers of large companies. To become a top manager, it is necessary to obtain a higher education in a narrow field. For example, managing an engineering process can only be done with an engineering education, but it's also necessary to have managerial knowledge. This can be obtained through an MBA program or specialized courses in enterprise management. Profiling universities now train profiling managers. For example, there is a specialty - medical management - in a medical university, and it is the right thing to do.