Art (music, theater, film, visual arts)-related professions

A list of professions related to music, theater, film, and drawing with salaries:

A little bit about careers in the Arts (music, theater, film, visual arts)

Art is an important part of everyone's life. We all consume art as viewers and listeners. But to become an actress or musician, artist, or designer, you need special training, creative freedom, and the courage to create and constantly invent new things. After all, audiences need to be surprised – movies, theater, circus, opera, and ballet – people come here for a unique pleasure, and they, the viewers, are discerning connoisseurs of art. Art professions demand constant effort and development, passion, and a will to succeed from a person. Theater, music, and painting are the most ancient forms of art. Here work representatives of such professions as: actor, composer, musician, sound director, sound engineer, director, artist, video artist, costume designer, ballet master, producer, lighting designer. With the advent of the internet, new professions have emerged: website designer, website producer, website developer. The question is: is this art? Yes, art, because book publishing is also an art, no less than movies, theater, circus, ballet, and opera. Read here about the professions of people engaged in the arts: orchestra musician, sound director, play director, artist, theater and film actress, circus actor, interior designer, packaging designer, landscape architect, web designer, photographer, video artist… Choosing a profession in the field of art is impossible without a clear understanding of the pitfalls of creative professions. These pitfalls may not be visible at first glance, but they can cause you to miss out on success. Read about creative professions.