IT-related professions

List of IT professions with current salaries.
Database Administrator
ERP Software
Software Testing Specialist
Forum Moderator
HTML Developer
System Administrator
IT Evangelist
Technical Writer
Website Administrator
Business Analyst
Information Security Specialist
Web Developer
1C Software Developer
Systems Programmer
ERP System Implementation Consultant
Enterprise Architect
Quality Assurance Engineer
Team Leader
SEO Expert
Data Scientist
Front-end Developer
Back-end Developer
Mobile Developer
User Experience (UX) Specialist
Web Analyst
Information Resources Specialist
Link Manager
Information Systems Specialist
Virtual Reality Architect
Flash Animator
User Interface Designer
Systems Engineer
Game Developer
Network Administrator
Database Developer
Embedded Software Developer
Database Architect
PHP Developer
Ruby Programmer
Java Developer
Android Developer
iOS Developer
C# Developer
Neural Interface Developer
Python Developer
Swift Developer
Video Game Scriptwriter
Information Systems Architect
C++ Developer
JavaScript Developer
Kotlin Developer
BI Developer
Data Mining Specialist
Quant Developer
Intelligent Systems Developer
UX Designer
UX Analyst
UI Designer
Architect of Intelligent Autonomous Transportation Management Systems
Software Engineer
Computational Linguist
Mobile Application Tester
Systems Analyst
Product Analyst
DevOps Engineer
Data Engineer
Big Data AnalystBig Data Analysts are professionals who use their analytical skills to help companies make sense of large datasets.
Full-Stack PHP Developer
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
Full Stack Python Developer
Game Analyst
Chatbot Developer
Unity Developer
QA Automation Engineer
Mobile App Analyst
Full-Stack Developer
UX Researcher
Drone Programmer
VFX Designer
Cybersecurity Specialist
Unreal Engine Developer
Blockchain Developer (Engineer)
Neural Network Developer
Machine Learning Specialist (ML Specialist)
React Native Developer
Tech LeadTech Lead is responsible for the technical implementation of the project, usually in IT (software development and testing)
Node.js Developer
AI Prompt Engineer
NLP Specialist (Engineer)
Deep Learning Engineer

How to choose an IT profession

Modern offices cannot do without computers and IT specialists. Who are these specialists? They are divided into IT professionals who deal with computer hardware and those who deal with software for computers. The former include system administrators and computer hardware development engineers. The latter include: programmers, CAD developers, and website developers.

Website developers understand the mechanisms of the Internet. Among those who develop websites, there are web designers and web programmers. If a site has already been created, it is managed by an internet project manager or an internet project manager. Their task is to manage the entire website management system, website administrator, website moderator, and website content editor. An online store is also an internet project. But there are huge internet portals dedicated to information of one kind or another. Each media company has its own website and a team of employees - web programmers, web designers, website administrators, and content managers. We should separately note SEO specialists - website optimization specialists and website promotion, there are website analysts and website auditors. Software, or SW, is developed for business processes of companies of various profiles: for communication companies, for transport companies, for manufacturing companies. The purpose of such programs is the automation of the production management process - ASUTP. Developed programs are tested by a software tester. This is a demanded profession among IT professions. To manage the company's document flow, ERP systems are used. In this regard, 1C programmers and SAP programmers are in demand.

Finally, IT security specialists are extremely sought after in the IT market. Information security is needed by every bank, every firm, and every state-owned enterprise. The development of information security methods is super-intelligent and extremely necessary work. If you acquire such an IT profession, you will be provided with work and money for life and will be able to live in any country.